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Hola! Welcome to La Chuparosa. I am so happy you are here! La Chuparosa, which means The Hummingbird, is a space that celebrates birth, life, death, the sacred Cuarentena (first forty days postpartum), music, plant medicine, and more. I’m a mother of two, lover of our madre tierra (mother earth), and I’m passionate about caring for others - with urgency given to our BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and immigrant communities - and learning how to continue caring for each other in these unbalanced and fast-changing times. This is a space for you to tap into the regenerative, restorative, sweet, love-bringing energy that the hummingbird carries and offers by way of my postpartum care services, spiritual support, and other offerings. There is more than one path and more than one way… Thank you for being here.

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"Alejandra's time spent with my family after the birth of our fourth child gave me life. Not only do I enjoy her company as a person but she knew exactly what I needed when I needed it. Her calm and sweet energy met me where I was; on days I was stressed she drew me a bath and held my newborn, watched my 15-month-old and folded laundry while I relaxed. On days I needed adult interaction, she listened to my stories. She massaged my feet when they were so swollen I couldn't get my shoes on, she doted on my babies, she made me nourishing food and drinks. The herbal baths she drew for me at each visit were made with fresh ingredients that help with common postpartum challenges. The food and drink helped replenish the vitamins and minerals that are low during pregnancy and childbirth. Alejandra has a spiritual aspect to her work, which I found very meditative; she performed a ceremony where she used fresh herbs and smudges to clear my body of negative thoughts and fears I may have about being a new mother of four. I don’t consider myself a spiritual person but these sessions really helped me focus on the good when the “baby blues” are so prevalent. We discussed beforehand what challenges I faced after my last three births, mostly that I needed to slow down. I had always dreaded the few weeks postpartum when everything hurts and now you're in charge of taking care of a little human. With Alejandra there, the stress melted away and I was able to enjoy my new baby."
Alicia Grenham
"Alejandra brings her gentle yet firmly supportive presence in offering a limpia. I felt held in compassion as she guided me through the process-- from creating space to express myself and be heard with empathy, to following up with how I was feeling afterward. Getting a limpia from Alejandra helped me recognize ways in which I felt emotionally/spiritually stuck, to feel more at peace with the present, and to more confidently confront health issues moving forward. I also deeply appreciated that Alejandra gave me ideas and resources for nourishing self-care practices after the limpia. Shortly after getting the limipa, I was able to come to a realization that was key to releasing beliefs that felt self-limiting in my healing path. I am so grateful that Alejandra is sharing this powerful tradition for well-being, especially for those of us who face limitations with accessing this ancestral practice."
Carmen Malis King

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