All of the teas and sprays I make are heart-made with organic, fair trade, and organic locally grown plants! Some of them even come from my home garden…tended to with much love and deep relationship with the plants. The offerings I share with you stem from my Mexican-American roots and practice of Curanderismo. All of my offerings are prepared with prayer, cantos (healing songs), joy, humor, and mucho, mucho amor (love).

The Heart Opening Tea and the Agua Sagrada (sacred water) spray work powerfully on their own but also pair very powerfully and beautifully together. The tea is made with a blend of plants that nourish your nervous system and helps to open and protect your heart. This tea brings much warmth during cold winter days or can be enjoyed iced or at room temperature during hot summer days. We are living in times where it is so easy to close and guard our hearts when what is most needed is for us to have open hearts. This blend helps open your heart while protecting it at the same time.

The Agua Sagrada is made with a blend of Sweet Orange, Balsam Fir, and Cedarwood pure essential oils. This trio helps to ground, protect, and uplift your spirit. Cedar is very grounding and protective, Balsam Fir dispels negative energies and helps to balance the sacral and heart chakras, Sweet Orange is known to help uplift our mood and to invite abundance in. Aguas Sagradas, plant waters, herbs and much more are traditionally used in Mexican spiritual traditions to bring health and balance to our mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

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